Week Mother Fucking God Damn 9

What’s up? It’s mother fucking god damn week 9, and I’m chuffed as nuts to be doing another write-up.  I was out of town last week, then I promised to post them late, and I didn’t.  I’m a little sorry about that I guess. I needed a bye week anyway.  Now I have an extremely lazy write up for you.  Sorry again.

1. Team Rex Grossman – oooooOOOOoooo durdy durr durr durdy durr My name is Blake aka Elias 2.0.  Not even injuries to key players are stopping them.

2. Pool Rats – Tony Tony Tony, classic Murphy’s Law trade results.  Bye bye Bell and Allen.  Also, this guy gets the award for “Most Outstanding PayPal Avatar”.

3. J.J. Wattshappenin’ – Hey Hey What’s Crappenin’, it’s too fuckin easy. Always in the mix, no matter what.

4. – TheMostBlounted – Not bad.  Off week against a pickle dick, but still not bad.

5. Oregon Trail Battlewagon – I asked how much for Gurley, he gave me 3 snaps, a headspin, and said “you couldn’t afford it, honey”.

6. South Main Mercs –  2nd loss in a row and down 2 RBs.  They are getting phased out of the playoff picture if they don’t turn it around.

7. FAF HAM – if all the HAM’s were FAFfed, on a scale from FAF to HAM this team would be this guy

8. Four Loko Power Trip – 100+ point week and a god damn loss.

9. Drop it like it’s Popp –

10. Bangers and Thrash – FYI the bench slots on are on the bottom of your screen.  This is how the entire league felt when we saw Fitz on top and Brees on the bottom. (video is better if muted)