2019 Brings Change

61uyxqqwkkl._sl1500_We have officially made the move to the Sleeper platform.  Everyone can now safely stick their middle finger up as high as they can to ESPN and GroupMe, the future of Slab Bacon is at Sleeper.  Make sure you download the app and bookmark the site.

I posted this earlier in the new chat room, but the schedule is set, and you can view it here below.SBFFL Schedule 2019

We should be good to go until the draft starts, which by the way, might be moved to Cole’s house (it’s close to the original location) just because it may be more responsible to party there instead of Tony’s place of business.  Keep an eye on the new chat room for the final verdict on that, but we are still set for 8/31 evening.  I’m already planning out the party supplies and party favors. I hope you guys are pumped.

In not-so-important news, I have created a stats page for each individual team.  They are currently in the spreadsheet with yearly and career stat totals and it also includes a graph that compares your score to the league average.  I’ll be continuously tweaking this and I plan on adding each one of them to the team’s page on this website.