2020 Kickoff: Season 9, Here We Go!

Hey everyone, welcome back to another exciting season of Slab Bacon fantasy football! Congratulations to Four Loko Power Trip on their first Porkgasm following a 9-4 season! I think we can all agree that the addition of Superstar Quarterback Dane Evans to their team will solidify their spot in the Pork Bowl again this year. Now we are ready to kick-off 2020 on Thursday September 10th. Just a quick reminder about amendments regarding COVID this season. There are 3 IR slots, 1 of them will be used as a normal IR slot (IR and OUT players only) and the other 2 slots will be used for COVID reasons only. We will carry out the season as normal unless it gets cut shorter than 8 weeks, in which case we will scrap the season and everyone will get a refund. Also, I’m not sure what events will be used to determine draft order for 2021, I will put together a different pentathlon or something similar, hopefully before kick-off. Other than that, everything is exactly the same. Also put in a team name and put up a respectable logo for fuck’s sake! We’re supposed to be a premium league, no one wants to play “Team PersonsName” next to a default avatar. Show some pride in team ownership! Get those lineups ready for 9/10. Good luck everyone!