Moving on from ESPN

As you all may remember from the group chat, ESPN has revamped their fantasy platform- and it’s awful.  It looks a little more modernized, but functionally it’s really bad and slow, not to mention they deleted our entire league history.  Luckily I keep track of our history in our spreadsheet but we did end up losing good post-season data and other small details I was going to incorporate into the spreadsheet later.  That shit is unacceptable.  I reached out to ESPN customer support and they claimed they didn’t know anything about all the history disappearing.  They keep saying they’re going to make improvements (like actually displaying the Standings, scores, and messages on the league homepage – Wow, groundbreaking shit) but they aren’t doing anything about the history which is the most important.

ESPN Fantasy support
Was this article helpful?  Fuck no, it wasn’t…
  • Fantasycast no longer shows both teams at once
  • Scrolling on news doesn’t work well, it’s choppy and sucks dick
  • trading block deleted
  • everything responds incredibly slowly, it took several minutes just to open up the scores from last year
  • Scoreboards are often wrong and update when changing pages, even when no teams are playing.

Here’s what ESPN had to say…

Fucking assholes.  It seems very unlikely our league will get restored.  With that said I’ve already begun exploring other options and here’s what we’re left with.



  • Incredible layout- very shiny and new looking
  • Built in chat- can replace GroupMe and keep all fantasy stuff in one place
  • Won’t delete league history without telling us
  • The mobile app is one of the best I’ve seen for fantasy sports


  • We can’t recreate our scoring exactly (mainly just DEF/ST scoring).
Sleeper Landing page
Here’s how it looks after setup.  Hard to get a good feel for it without any data before the draft.
Here’s a stock photo of web/mobile.

Above is the defensive scoring difference between Sleeper/ESPN.  If you can live with this small change I think Sleeper is the way to go.

MyFantasyLeague (MFL)


  • By far the most customizeable fantasy platform out there, we can recreate our scoring exactly the way it has been.
  • Not only do they keep history but they keep insanely detailed stats.  I’m not even sure what I would do with myself because I would have no spreadsheets left to make.
  • We can make the landing page look any way we want just like we used to on ESPN like 3 years ago.
  • Supports fun but also unnecessary stuff like sharing videos with the league, survivor pools, etc.


  • Because of the amount of detail the site is very ugly and hard to get used to
  • The mobile app looks like something out of Windows 95, very clunky and not very intuitive, half of the functions aren’t available unless you use a browser.
  • Live update is a little slow and not free (commissioner expense)
SBFFL mfl landing page
Here’s the MFL landing page with the Dark Theme. Looks nice but it takes time learning where to click for everything.
MFL mobile screenshot
MFL Platinum 2019 mobile app

If you want to keep the scoring exactly the same and think you can put up with the learning curve of the MFL’s layout, then this would be the way to go.

I would appreciate everyone’s input so we can make the right choice, this is something I will probably bring to a vote soon.  If you don’t have a preference and just wanna go with the flow that’s cool too.

Offseason Stuff and Draft Day

Hey everyone, I just wanted to put some information here that we’ve already gone over in our chat room.


WHEN: Saturday August 31, 2019 at 7PM CST
WHAT TO BRING: Pool Pary – bring your trunks, towels, booze, and ranks.

In addition to our Pentathlon that you can check out here, I want to put the new rule changes in big bold letters here so we’re all clear on how to play moving forward.

  • Slab Bacon is now a ½PPR league. 
  • Our Flex Spot will now include TE position

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Kentucky Derby and Maximum Security, but I will change the results in our Pentathlon to whatever the official leader board says after the appeal.

League dues will now be directed to a different PayPal account I started for the league here.   The URL is $75 will be due on 8/31/19.

ESPN has successfully fucked up their entire fantasy platform especially Fantasycast.  So far, the only place I can implement our scoring and settings exactly the way we have it now is on  If ESPN doesn’t fix this shit by the time August rolls around I will move the league to a different platform.  MFL is currently the front-runner as the replacement.