Playoff Seeds

Here are the playoff seeds according to the Slab Bacon FFL bylaws. ESPN won’t allow me to actually change the seed #’s that appear next to your name on the bracket, but I will change the schedule to reflect our custom playoff seeds.  As per our vote last year, home-field advantage will be manually deducted from the games in the losers consolation ladder.   If you have any questions or issues please let me know.

  1. Oregon Trail Battlewagon (10-3) best record, home-field advantage and a bye week.
  2. Bangers and Thrash (9-4) 2nd best record, home-field advantage and a bye week.
  3. J.J. Wattshappenin (8-5) tied for best record in Spaceballs the Division, swept the Mercs H2H to get the tie-breaker.
  4. South Main Mercs (8-5) tied with Four Loko Power Trip with the same record, Mercs won the H2H tiebreaker
  5. Four Loko Power Trip (8-5) next best 8-5 team gets the 5 seed.
  6. Rex’s Revenge (6-7) The final playoff spot came down to 4 teams with a 6-7 record. To break the tie we figured who placed higher in the divisions first.  In the Canadian Bacon division, Drop it Like it’s Popp swept the Werd Dogs, so they move up in the division standings.  In the Uncle Buck division, the Most Blounted got swept by Rex’s revenge so they will remain where they are in the division standings. Even though the Werd Dawgs defeated Blake H2H, they didn’t get the tiebreaker over Popp to put themselves in the playoff picture.  Of the two higher 6-7 teams, Rex’s Revenge defeated Drop it like it’s Popp H2H, so they will be awarded the final playoff seed.
  7.  Drop it like it’s Popp (6-7) next best 6-7 team
  8. The Most Blounted (6-7) tied with Werd dawgs, wins the H2H tiebreaker.
  9. Werd Dawgs (6-7) getting swept by Drop it Like it’s Popp leaves them 3rd in the division and losing to The Most Blounted leaves them the 4th best 6-7 team.
  10. FAFHAM (4-9) tied with Zeke’s Girlfriend FAFHAM has the H2H tiebreaker here.
  11. Zeke’s Girlfriend (4-9) losing the H2H matchup with FAFHAM keeps them at 11.
  12. Pool Rats (3-10)