Offseason and 2018 Draft

The offseason competition has officially wrapped up and the draft order has been determined!  Here are the results from the Super Pentathlon.

The draft will be taking place in Lake Charles just like we planned for last year.

Date: Saturday August 25, 2018
Time: Room opens at 6pm, Draft start around 6:30PM Central
Location: L’Auberge Casino Resort 777 Ave L’Auberge, Lake Charles, LA 70601.

We have The Cypress Room from 6PM-12AM, I plan on setting up between 6-6:30pm and starting the draft sometime between 6:30-7pm CST. 

What to expect:

I expect some to drive up Friday night and a lot of us to drive up early Saturday to hang out prior to the draft.  The draft will be held in the Cypress Room, a conference room inside L’Auberge. There will be a big “U” shaped conference table with a projector. The draft board will be handled on a computer but you will make your draft picks when it’s your turn by shouting them out loud so the commish can enter them in the computer. This is to minimize any fuckups with the internet. We will have a full bar with a bartender that we are expected to tip, but the cost of drinks are included in the party. We will also have food which I haven’t finalized yet but I’m thinking it will be stadium style food like hotdogs/popcorn/chips etc.

What you need to do/bring:

If you can’t come:

Please let me know ASAP if you can’t come to the draft. I will need to set you up with a spot on our ClickyDraft board so you can draft remotely. As per the league guidelines, anyone who doesn’t attend the draft, or draft online, or finds a replacement for the entire draft will be issued a strike. If you can’t draft online you are expected to get someone to draft in your place to avoid the strike. If you are unable to find a replacement the commish will find one or use ESPN’s ranks to autodraft for you and you will be issued a strike.