Week 2 Power Rankings

Here are the current power rankings going into week 2.  The rankings are calculated using total points, current roster strength (via FantasyPros.com), consistency (using Sharpe Ratio), and Wins.  These were generated using this spreadsheet here and that’s how we’ll play it out for the season.

  1. Drop it like it’s Popp
  2. J.J. Wattshappenin
  3. matt_is _werd_dawgs
  4. Four Loko Power Trip
  5. Cushing 40 Pushing
  6. Oregon Trail Battlewagon
  7. Bangers and Thrash
  8. Pool Rats
  10. – TheMostBlounted
  11. South Main Mercs
  12. Rex’s Revenge


Draft Day 9/6


Don’t forget our new set draft day and time, Wednesday September 6th at 7:00PM CST.  Draft room will open one hour before start time.  There will be a time limit of 60 seconds per pick.

We are NOT using ClickyDraft.  We are using the ESPN draft room.  You can access it by going to our main league page one hour before draft time.

TEST YOUR BROWSER by doing a mock draft first so you don’t get denied at the last second.  Don’t be the guy that can’t get in the room because of some bullshit with Adobe Flash.  Do a mock first and make sure your system and browser can run the draft room without any problems.

Good luck.