Playoff Picture

  1. Drop it Like it’s Popp (9-4):  Tied with Bangers and Thrash and MostBlounted. To see who wins the Canadian Bacon Division we need to break the tie with Bangers first. Division H2H series with Bangers split 1-1, both of their division records are at 3-2, so if they both win this week it would fall to Points, and Popp has a nice lead over the whole league in points.  They also have the H2H edge over MostBlounted.  So basically a win for Popp this week will secure the #1 seed and a bye.  They could fall as low as #4 with a Loss and both Bangers/MostBlounted come out with a W.
  2. TheMostBlounted (9-4): Uncle Buck Division locked, bye week locked.  They are in the 3-way tie with Bangers/Popp for best record but they both hold H2H tiebreakers over them.  The only way they can reach #1 seed is with a W and a Bangers AND Popp loss.
  3. Corn Friends (8-5): Spaceballs the Division locked.  Unable to reach a bye week,  any potential 9-5 ties would be broken with H2H L’s against Blounted/Popp.  #3 locked by winning the division.
  4. Bangers and Thrash (9-4):  With no one else able to reach 9 wins, they will stay here at #4, OR jump all the way to #1 with a W AND a Popp Loss.  Their bye week and division championship hinges on these two Canadian Bacon matchups.
  5. #TrustGOD (7-6): Next best record puts them here at #5 for now.  A Win can keep them here as no one else is able to reach 8 wins.  A loss could leave them tied with Battlewagon/WerdDawgs if they both come up with a win making them all 7-7. 

A tie (7-7) with Werd Dawgs will drop them down to #6 since they were swept H2H.  A tie with Battlewagon will keep them at #5 since they have the H2H W.  A threeway is where it would get tricky, but the lowest they could fall is #6.  Because of the uneven number of matchups the tie would be broken by division record, and #trustGOD only has 1 division win.

  1. Battlewagon (6-7): tied with Werd Dawgs, has the H2H edge to hold the #6 spot for now.  Entering into a 3 way tie with #TrustGod/Werd Dawgs will knock them down to #7 and out of the playoffs.  They absolutely need a W and a Werd Dawgs Loss, OR a W and a #TrustGOD Win. 
  2. Werd Dawgs (6-7): tied with Battlewagon, on the fringes of the playoffs.  A 3 way tie with #TrustGod/Battlewagon would bump them up to #5 because of the division record tiebreaker.  They either need a W AND a Battlewagon Loss, OR a W with a Battlewagon W AND a #TrustGod loss.  They WANT a threeway tie, they DON’T WANT a two way tie with Battlewagon.
  3. JJ Wattshappenin (5-8): Currently in a 4 way tie, unable to be broken by H2H record bc of uneven matchups, but even if we did use H2H between all 4 teams, it came out perfectly balanced at 2-2 W/L.  Go down the line to the next tiebreaker which is division record, where they are now tied with sQuisus at (3-2).  Break this tie with points where they have over a 100 point edge to break that tie.  If they win and Werd Dawgs/Battlewagon both lose, they do NOT have a chance of sneaking into the playoffs getting 2x L’s H2H against them.
  4. sQuisus (5-8): Things really start getting tricky here.  After JJ Wattshappenin’ they are still in a 3-way tie with Rex and Pool Rats.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  If Both Battlewagon/Werd Dawgs lose and they end up in a 3-way tie at (6-8), they would get the H2H tiebreaker for sweeping Battlewagon and beating Werd Dawgs H2H, even with uneven matchups they would be 3-0 along with the edge on Div Record, which COULD get them to the playoffs at #6.  Amazing.  This scenario could be ruined by the other 5-8 teams that I haven’t looked at yet, but if this specific 3-way tie plays out, they could get a ticket to the dance.  Gotta love divisions right?
  5. Rex’s Revenge (5-8):  left along with Pool Rats as the other 5-8 teams, Rex has the 1-0 H2H tiebreaker, bringing them to 10.  If Rex ends up in a 3 way (6-8) tie with Werd Dawgs/Battlewagon they would NOT have the division record in order to get the #6 seed. 
  6. Pool Rats (5-8): Next best 5-8 team goes here, and get ready for this.  If both the Werd Dawgs and Battlewagon lose along with a Pool Rats victory, that would leave a 4-way tie at (6-8) between sQuisus/Werd Dawgs/Battlewagon, where the Pool Rats have secured a H2H victory against all 3 fucking teams. They can actually fucking jump all the way to #6 and make the playoffs.  
  7. Laces Out (4-9): Better luck next year my guy.