Offseason Stuff and Draft Day

Hey everyone, I just wanted to put some information here that we’ve already gone over in our chat room.


WHEN: Saturday August 31, 2019 at 7PM CST
WHAT TO BRING: Pool Pary – bring your trunks, towels, booze, and ranks.

In addition to our Pentathlon that you can check out here, I want to put the new rule changes in big bold letters here so we’re all clear on how to play moving forward.

  • Slab Bacon is now a ½PPR league. 
  • Our Flex Spot will now include TE position

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Kentucky Derby and Maximum Security, but I will change the results in our Pentathlon to whatever the official leader board says after the appeal.

League dues will now be directed to a different PayPal account I started for the league here.   The URL is $75 will be due on 8/31/19.

ESPN has successfully fucked up their entire fantasy platform especially Fantasycast.  So far, the only place I can implement our scoring and settings exactly the way we have it now is on  If ESPN doesn’t fix this shit by the time August rolls around I will move the league to a different platform.  MFL is currently the front-runner as the replacement.

March Madness & Vote Results

ESPN Tournament Challenge

Here is the link to the ESPN Tournament Challenge that will use your score towards the Pentathlon.  Password is porkgasm.  Selection Sunday is 3/17 and the tournament starts 3/19.  Hopefully everyone can get their brackets created and add it to our group without any trouble.

Our voting for the offseason has concluded.  We are now a half point PPR league, still with 2 WR slots.  Flex has changed to include TE position, we will keep DEF scoring the same, and we will not be a keeper league.  That is the 3rd time a vote for keeper league has failed so we will probably always be a redraft league unless I start getting pushed by a lot of owners to bring it to a vote again later down the road.

That’s all for now- good luck and enjoy your college hoops.


Offseason 2019

What the fuck is up, SBFFL? I just want to say thanks for playing, it was an exciting season of fantasy football, and congratulations to Chris Micheles for winning the Porkgasm in Pork Bowl VII!!! I think we all can agree that it’s directly related to stashing Darren Sproles. Now that the NFL season is officially over we can start handling all of the SBFFL offseason stuff. We have a few things to take care of before we can relax and do nothing fantasy related until the draft in August. Here’s what we’ve got-

  • The Pentathlon – We have 4 events left. The only one you need to worry about is March Madness. Selection Sunday is 3/11 at 5pm CST and the actual tournament starts 3/19. Like last year, I will open up a private Tournament Challenge group on ESPN probably a week or so before that. I will spam the GroupMe chat and your emails whenever the Tournament Challenge group is ready. As for the other 3 events (Masters, Kentucky Derby, Indy 500), they will all be done randomly and you won’t have to do anything except watch. Also, if a tiebreaker is needed for the Pentathlon at the end, I will follow the H2H > Div Rec > Total Points tiebreaker and award the higher draft pick to whoever performed better this season.
  • Voting for Half PPR – There has been enough interest to bring half point PPR (points per reception) to a vote. 8 votes will be needed to pass. If it passes, every player that gets a reception regardless of distance will earn 0.5 pt. Also if this passes, we will conduct another vote to add a 3rd WR slot in which majority will pass.
  • Voting for Keepers – We will vote on keepers this year, 8 votes will be needed to pass. If the vote passes, at the end of the 2019 season you will be allowed to select between 0 and 3 keepers to remain on your team. If you keep a player that you drafted in the 12th round, you would forfeit a 10th rounder the following year. Subtract 2 rounds from the year he was drafted and that’s what you are giving up. That means you cannot keep players that are drafted in rounds 1 and 2 (this way there is always talent in the draft pool and a chance for bad teams to turn around a little more quickly). FAs can be kept starting at forfeiting a 10th rounder, if you keep more than one FA then you would lose a 10th then an 8th,6th etc. If you happen to already be keeping a player that would cost you a 10th or an 8th then the FA cost will increase by 1 round. If any of this is “too confusing” please clarify the rules with me or someone who understands before just voting “No”. We had a loose discussion about the keeper rules in Group chat a few months ago and these particular rules seem like the way to go if the vote passes.
  • Changing the Flex Slot – I’m not bringing this to a vote, I’m making this decision as a commissioner. The Flex slot which has been (RB/WR) will now include TE making it (RB/WR/TE).
  • Defensive Scoring – I think ESPN is total dog shit with their scoring but it also may or may not be better than what we currently have. I will do a simple majority vote to see if we should keep the PA scale at -10 to +10 or revert back to ESPN default of -5 to +5.

That’s pretty much it. I will send out the forms for voting real soon, probably later today.

TL DR; Look for an email/Group chat message around 3/11ish for an invite to ESPN Tournament Challenge group. Read and understand the keeper rules that we are voting on. I will spam your emails and group chat soon (probably today) with the Voting Form.