Slab Bacon Fantasy Football League Rules

The following is an updated outline from the Commissioner regarding Slab Bacon Fantasy Football League. This outline will cover league policies, rules, and special circumstances, and should be used to answer any questions that arise during the season. If there is no set rule or guidance for a particular situation, the Commissioner may make a ruling, either by himself or by league consensus, and that ruling shall be added to the related section. – C.G. 8/6/2014.

The following is an updated set of rules to go into effect for the 2021 season.  Everything in place for 2020 will stay as is.  – CG 9/30/2020


Slab Bacon Fantasy Football League (SBFFL) is a 12-team half point PPR redraft league that started in 2012 and operates on the Sleeper platform.


The draft will be in a serpentine or “snake” format with 14 total rounds.  The draft order will be determined by a contest which will be decided by the commissioner during the previous season.  Trading draft picks is not allowed, but trading draft spots will be allowed if the league is okay with it, and in some cases it may be brought to a vote.  Everyone must be present for the draft, either in person or online.


Slab Bacon FFL is limited to 12 teams, each operated by any number of owners.  Teams are $100 per season, and dues are owed to the commissioner via PayPal or Venmo before draft day.


Each team owner takes full ownership of the team, and is expected to be active in discussion, roster management, and trade talks. *See Inactivity section.


At some point, Slab Bacon FFL may want to add more teams. In the likelihood of this happening, the following terms must be met: 

  • Expansion must be voted on; 8 votes for it will pass it. 
  • A minimum of 2 teams must be added at one time, to keep the scheduling even. 


Slab Bacon uses mostly traditional scoring using a decimal system with ½PPR (half point per reception).  


Passing Yards

+0.04 per yard (25 yards = 1 point)

Passing TD


2-Pt Conversion


Pass Intercepted



Rushing Yards

+0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point)

Rushing TD


2-Pt Conversion





Receiving Yards

+0.1 per yard (10 yards = 1 point)

Receiving TD


2-Pt Conversion



Defense TD


Points Allowed 0


Points Allowed 1-6


Points Allowed 7-13


Points Allowed 21-27


Points Allowed 28-34


Points Allowed 35+






Fumble Recovery




Blocked Kick



Special Teams TD



Special Teams Player TD



Fumble Lost


Fumble Recovery TD


Any changes to the scoring guidelines will be discussed by the league and anything major will require a vote.


Slab Bacon FFL will use the following 14 roster spots and 1 IR: 

  • 1 QB 
  • 2 RB 
  • 2 WR 
  • 1 RB/WR/TE flex
  • 1 TE 
  • 1 D/ST 
  • 6 Bench
  • 1 IR (COVID, OUT, and IR players only)*We currently use 3x IR reserving the additional 2 for special COVID cases. Only 1 slot can be used for O or IR players.

Any changes in rosters will be discussed and voted on by league owners. Kickers will never be allowed in Slab Bacon FFL.  If there is an IR violation the commissioner will notify the team owner to update their roster, and the team owner will have 24 hours to make the necessary moves (including trades) to clear up the violation.


Slab Bacon FFL is split into three four-team divisions. During the 13 game season, divisional foes will face off twice for each team making it 6 division games and there will be 7 interdivisional games.  There are not enough weeks to play every single team with this format so there will always be an owner you do not face in a given season.  The commissioner manually creates the schedule and will always try to add the H2H matchup that the owner did not have in the previous season.  The 3 divisions are Spaceballs, Uncle Buck, and Canadian Bacon.


SBFFL uses the FAAB (Free Agency Auction Budget) system.  Each team receives $1000 for their free agent budget to use for the entire season.  Free agents are locked at kickoff and waivers clear VERY EARLY WEDNESDAY at about 5 AM.  Team owners can bid any amount of their budget during a waiver period.  You CANNOT include FAAB in trades with team owners.  If there is a tie in the auction, the system will revert to the draft order that continuously rolls over each time an auction happens.  If you never bid on anyone you will stay at the top of the waiver tiebreaker priority.


During the season, trades can be proposed and accepted by anyone at any time until Thursday morning when waivers clear in Week 11.  If multiple owners would like to orchestrate contingent or multi-team trades, the Commissioner must be notified. Once all teams involved have cleared with the Commissioner, the subsequent trades will process. These trades are binding, and will be forcefully executed if the third party refuses to follow through after the first two teams have accepted. 


Unless there is obvious collusion, the commissioner will approve all trades and process them immediately.  The Commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade. By playing in Slab Bacon FFL, players are giving control of the matter to the Commissioner, and entrusting in good faith that he will make the league fair. In some cases, a league vote may be requested.  


With the decimal system, it’s highly unlikely it would ever happen, but during the regular season if a game ends in a tie, it will be ruled a tie.


Beginning in Week 14 of the regular NFL season, Slab Bacon FFL will have a six team playoff. The three division winners will earn a playoff spot while the better of the two division winners earn a bye.  Then the next best 3 teams regardless of division will earn a wildcard.


The three Wild Card spots are determined by the teams with the best records that were not division winners. Theoretically, a single division could have four of the six playoff teams. 


Ties in the standings will be decided by the following categories in order: Head to Head record, Divisional Record, Total Points Scored, Opponents Points Scored. The commissioner has the right to override any automatically generated playoff seeds to reflect the order of tie breaker categories.


In the event a playoff matchup results in a tie, we will award the win to the lower seeded team.


The top two finishers in Slab Bacon FFL will receive a prize payout: 

  • 1st place = $800
  • 2nd place = $240

The top scoring team of the week will receive a $10 payout.  This high score contest will happen every week until the end of the post-season.  We call these bacon banners.


The league trophy is called the Porkgasm, and is awarded to the team that wins the Pork Bowl at the end of each season. 


After the playoffs have concluded, the owner finishing last in the loser bracket will be forced to apply a blue Dallas Cowboys (or appropriate rival team) star decal on the back windshield of their main vehicle for the entire offseason.  The sticker needs to remain on the vehicle and cannot be removed until the next SBFFL draft day.  Opting against the sticker punishment is acceptable if the owner agrees to put $300 towards the following draft party.  Punishment is subject to change.

**We are currently discussing a new punishment for the 2021 season.


As stated in the Owners section, all owners are expected to be active in discussion, but specifically when it is regarding the rules and changes to the league.  If there is an important vote needed regarding the rules, all 12 owners are expected to vote within a reasonable amount of time.

When an owner reaches out to another owner regarding a trade, the owner on the receiving end is expected to respond without letting the trade offer expire first.  There needs to be some sort of communication acknowledging you received the trade offer, and if the owner can’t discuss trades right away, they will advise the other owner a more appropriate time to discuss.  Ignoring trade discussion in excess will hurt the owners reputation, and might be used against the owner if there is enough inactivity that warrants a suspension or expulsion from the league.

Owners are expected to set their lineups every single week without starting an injured player or someone on a bye week.  They are expected to be aware of game-time decisions based on injuries.  There are certain situations when failing to set a lineup is understandable and will not be penalized for inactivity.  The key to this is communication.  If an owner knows they will be in a situation that will not allow them to set a lineup for a game time decision, they must notify the commissioner.  Each situation will be reviewed on a case by case basis and owners will be advised if they are in danger of being penalized for inactivity.  The commissioner will NOT remind owners of any injury updates and will NOT remind owners to set their lineups.  The only lineup setting reminders by the commissioner will be for unique schedule changes such as natural disasters and international games etc.  


If an owner does not meet the requirements for owning a team in Slab Bacon FFL (i.e. failing to set a lineup, or not being present the entire draft), the commissioner will make a note for each transgression. If there are multiple complaints about inactivity in the same season, the inactive owner will be expelled/suspended from SBFFL. In this case, the Commissioner will actively search for a replacement owner. 

  • Egregious transgressions, such as emptying of a roster or collusion, may result in IMMEDIATE expulsion from the league.