Week Motherfucking 10 God Damn Power Rankings

FantasyPros.com ROS roster scores

My friends, I got stuck working and I’m unable to deliver a serious write-up before Thursday Night kickoff.  Anywhoo, here are the power rankings this week.  Same deal as last week, this bullshit is calculated using the rest of season roster scores from FantasyPros.com and then it’s combined with some serious math voodoo in this goddamn spreadsheet right here.

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Here are the mother fucking god damn power rankings….
(updated 11/11/16, I fucked up the spreadsheet the first time)

1. J.J Wattshappenin’
3. Pool Rats
4. South Main Mercs
5. Four Loko Power Trip
6. -TheMostBlounted
7. Drop it like it’s Popp
8. Titties n Trophies
9. Bangers and Thrash
10. Oregon Trail Battlewagon