Draft Day is Set for 8/27

It looks like the best date for us is Sunday 8/27, so block out that whole evening.  I’m not sure exactly when we’ll get started but I imagine it will be around 8pm CST.  So if you can make it to Lake Charles that evening, let me know.  I’m trying to figure out if we’re going to get a suite or an AirBnB so I need to know if you’re drafting at the party or remotely.

We’ve had a group text going with the local guys in the league, I just sent out an email for a GroupMe invite because I think it will work much better.  If you feel like it and you don’t want to miss out on league discussion, join the SBFFL GroupMe for group text chat throughout the season.  Every person in the league should have an invite in their email.

Don’t forget to claim your spot on the draft board.
Everyone Join ClickyDraft for draft board access (Link was emailed to you on 4/28)

People who still need to join ClickyDraft are:
  • Chris
  • Cole
  • Mike
  • Blake
  • Dan
  • Carlos
  • Zack
  • Chris M
  • Joe
  • Tony
  • Brian
  • Matt