Well, fuck. Draft is canceled. Now what?


Now that we know there is a God and he fucking hates SBFFL, we have to figure out what to do on the fly for the draft.  I will PayPal you guys back what you donated for the epic draft party and instead we’re going to have a much more tame and disappointing draft.

I think the most logical solution is to keep the plan for a Sunday night, but we all draft remotely using ClickyDraft.  If we’re able to actually meet up and party Sunday night and draft we should, but there’s no obligation.  We just all have to have access to ClickyDraft and problem solved.  The only difference is EVERYONE, not just people who weren’t going to Lake Charles, needs to claim ownership of their team.  I’ve posted the link on here and your emails 1000 times.  If you haven’t done it, do it now.

Plan B:  If the weather is SO shitty on Sunday that internet/power/cell phones become an issue, I will plan for a standard ESPN draft with a timer that we can finish quick and easy sometime before opening kick-off, even if it is a week night.  All we need is a couple hours.

In conclusion, stay in touch on GroupMe/Text/Email, let me know your situation on Sunday morning.  If we’re all up and running, we’ll plan for an online draft Sunday 6:30pm ish on ClickyDraft. If it falls through due to weather, we will wait for storm to pass before planning ESPN timed draft.

Be safe.