Howdy fuckin’ doody welcome to week 6. Fast food drive thru write-up this week.

1.) Oregon Trail Battlewagon (+1) Steelers offense and nothing else. First loss of the season was to a 1-win team. Now onto FAFHAM who’s on a 3 L streak.

2.) South Main Mercs (-1) We saw the retirement ceremony for Kamara and Reed after the decapitation of Brandin Cooks where all hope was lost. Shitty bye week situation this week against Rex.

3.) Rex’s Revenge (0) Mediocrity everywhere. Michael Thomas was dancing for what exactly? Did Drew Brees cure cancer? ESPN sure made it seem like it. On to the Mercs without their star Kamara.

4.) J.J. Wattshappenin’ (+3) Responsible for me losing a bid on a QB for the 3rd week in a row, so now there’s another reason I hope Jameis Winston breaks his neck. Now on to the Most Blounted.

5.) Drop it like it’s Popp (+1) Very important information: Popp has never beat Pool Rats, they will try to get their first W this week. Follow SBFFL write-ups for more interesting #FactsAboutPopp

6.) Bangers and Thrash (-2) Looked like it was going to be a good matchup but it was basically bye week. Be sure to shame them in GroupMe chat for rostering an ineligible player on IR. smh

7.) Four Loko Power Trip (-2) Watson in OT and another loss. That’s it. Mission: “Assassinate Amari Cooper” in effect. On to the winless Werd Dawgs.

8.) The Most Blounted (+3) After a rocky start they get back to back wins and a bacon banner with it. 2 great Thursday night performances in a row for this team. On to JJ Wattshappenin.

9.) Delanie’s Walker (0) Are we happy the Battlewagon finally lost? Yes. Are we glad it was from a 1-3 team? Yes. Are we glad it was from Delanies Walker? No. It was a decent effort lead by a 20 point Defense. On to Bangers and Thrash.

10.) Pool Rats (-1) Barkley flew and Breida fell apart in a W against FLPT. Now they need to hold their ground against Popp, the longest standing one sided H2H matchup in the league, they are 5-0. Popp has outscored Pool Rats every week this year since week 1.

11.) FAFHAM (-3) Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes. Mahomes, Mahomes, Mahomes. Mahomes. Dalvin Cook?!

12.) Werd Dawgs (-3) Continues to rack up the PA after playing the Bacon Banner. They’re now at 558.5, next person is like 60 points away lol. We’ll see if we get that first win against FLPT this week.