Week 3 Motherfuckers!

I know it’s Friday and I’m late on the write-up. Thankfully the owner of Four Loko Power Trip was able to do a solid recap via YouTube on our message board if you want to check it out. We saw a lot of injuries to some key players last week.  Like every year, there seems to be a massacre of injuries early in the season, and since most of us were affected, the September Suffering can officially begin. Now for my late contribution, I’ll recap everyone’s week in Haiku form.

Week 3 Power Ranks

1. Pool Rats (2-0)

Is Matt Forte God?
Matthews has rubber mallets.
Ball dropping wizard

2. FAFHAM (2-0)

Case Keenum is cool
if you don’t like touchdown throws
reach reach reach reach reach

3. J.J. Wattshappenin’ (1-1)

Wilson’s ankle fucked
Must be made of silly string
Card’s D save the day

4. Drop it Like it’s Popp (1-1)

Rest in peace Woodhead
Stefon Diggs, surprise surprise
Ninety point loss, fuck.

5. TheMostBlounted (1-1)

Holy Fuck, Crowell!
Easy win over PD
Rodgers looks like shit.

6. Oregon Trail Battlewagon (1-1)

Battlewagon is
having a good shower cry.
“AP, I’ll miss you….”

7. Bangers and Thrash (1-1)

Pickle Dick Party
From Al Bundy to Tony,
Winston, what the fuck?

8. Four Loko Power Trip (1-1)

TyGod bounces Back.
Is Mike Wallace a thing now?
*First win against Zack!    *was (0-6) now (1-6) in Reg season, (0-1) in Loser bracket.

9. Titties n Trophies (0-2)

Studs not performing
Pour one out for Arian
Still winless rookie

10. South Main Mercs (0-2)

Muscle Hampster down
Marshall’s knee robbed a TD
0 and 2 I suck